Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First blog of my life

Having a thought in mind and expressing it on blog is a great effort. I now find myself in a great mess what to write for the first blog of my life and this is not due to I am not a good writer, but due to 1000nds of thoughts blasting in my mind to become part of my first blog.
                      Hey but wait!!! one by one. As I said to my mind and said, all the routes in this channels are busy, Please dial after some time as to calm down him (some times I get very annoyed with him as it does not listen to me and is a kind of big-mouthed thing) . Let me welcome and introduce myself to the world of blogs through my first blog and then we can continue, making people bore with the tons of characters we will  put together on the blogs later. So here I am introducing me and welcoming all dear blog readers.

                     Hello all blog readers I am Abhinav Singh Maurya a software developer (Android applications. Though it is interesting Operating system but some times I lost from the coding and sometime I lost in the coding and sometimes we both are lost ). I welcome you to my blog. Be prepared to get some interesting, horrible, waste, annoying, selfish, ridiculous and good thoughts from me (actually its from my mind and you know how my mind is. Shhhhhhhh).

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