Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is love???

What is love??

I always wonder about this question since I was born.Is it affection? Is it attraction? Is it the way you care for someone special or miss him/her when they are far away from you? There are lots of question related to this question and most of them is unanswered. No one on this planet earth knows what is love but every one can still feel it and believe in it. Sometimes one really know that he/she is in love but some times they are in confusion that what is happening to them, are they in love or not, what is this strange kind of feeling
and all those stuff but they do not get any answer untill they realize the truth about it by themselves.

Lets start from the beginning of our life, when we born. The very first moment we open our eyes in this world the stupid doctor beats us so that we can cry out. Thats a kind of annoying situation that doctor creates to check we are alive or not. I hate that moment. But still we survive that torture. we cry out loudly but have you every wondered as soon as we reach in the arms of our mother we stop crying (may be for few second). No one knows whats that feeling is but still we can feel it for that moment. We feel the care, the affection and the love of our mother in our whole life. We never know what kind of love is that, in fact every one still is in confusion and no scientist in this world knows that what is it but the feeling of mother's love is unmatchable. We feel like we are in heaven when ever we sleep in the laps of our mother. Our mother's shows their love by different means, like cooking food even she had not enough sleep at night and waking up early in morning,
sometimes they also beats us, to correct us when we are doing wrong things. Whenever we fall and look back for help she is the only person to help us, make us stand and wipe our tears no matter she is capable of doing of it or not, she just do. Even though she is Ill and not feeling well she does our whole daily work so that we can stay happy. They never expect anything from us to show the same kind love also they never ask us to do same things for them. Honestly speaking no one can say what it is, but that's a love our mother shows towards us which sometimes we all don't care. This love can only be realize by digging deep inside of our heart if one wants to do so.

Mother's love is unmatchable but what about father?? Have you every wonder what father feels or how father shows their love towards us? Nahh I am damn sure that most of you don't even know that your father loves you or not. We always believe that our father is a Hitler of our house, whose only task is to shout at us even though we are wrong or right and 99% of people are scared of our father's. Father is a person who never shows their love towards us by various means like our mother do, but believe me my friend father's love us more than our mother's do, but they never show us. I also even don't know, do my father love me or not but I can feel it. I can't even explain his love and have no words for that. I can't even compare the love of two and also do not have differences.

As we grew up we start searching love outside our house. We always are in search of love which we never needed, but still we search it. No one wonder's why we do that but we just do. We search for some one to which we can share our feelings which we never share with our parents. Its a strange feeling. We get attracted to opposite sex and fall in love with them and swear to live and die with them. Some times I think that its not good but some times I think its also a mandatory part of our life. I am not saying that I was not in search of love but I do not understand why we do this search? We often get attracted with anyone and fall in love . We often mistake an attraction as love but we forget that attraction is physical quantity and love doesn't have any quantity. Sometime we have such a feelings which can only want to share with a someone special. We also love our parents but want's to add up a person in life to make him/her feel special. 

During search of a someone special we often makes mistakes by getting attracted to external beauty but not by the natural and internal beauty. We often forget that the external beauty get extinct with time but natural and internal beauty stays long time. Most of the people always gets attracted and fall in love with someone who have the perfect external beauty or physic. You never know you also had done the same mistake. You always tries to compare that person with a Hollywood/Bollywood star. But believe me my friends if you want a real love in life you should always go for natural and internal beauty. I also had a crush with such a natural beauty . She was Madhubala(Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi) the famous Bollywood actress . I believe the beauty she had is unmatchable. Now a days I am in love with my fiance. In my views she had a same kind of beauty but she thinks she is not. But lets continue with the same topic about love. The fact is love has different meaning according to different views.

What is love? According to me love is the care about person who is with you, love is missing someone when he/she is not with you. love is when the time spent with the person can make you laugh even in sad times, love can never be altered nor be destroyed. love never demands not it expects. love is attraction towards natural and internal beauty rather than external beauty. love is when we share our-self to someone we didn't even know how he/she is. There are many ways to show love and hiding love for other is also kind of love. Love can neither be created nor be destroyed and also cannot transform. Love changes from person to person and place to place but be sure it should not hurt who loves you. Love is every where we just have to realize it and fall into it. Sometimes we have to give exam of love and one who pass is a lucky and one who fails is more lucky, in a way that someone special is waiting out there for you. So get out and find a love but do not forget the one who loves you.

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